Things to know about the photographer

My name is Christian Raab.
I was born and now I am living in the beautiful city of Jena, Germany.

I started to take photos during my internship in Sydney, Australia (2007-08). Since this time it is my goal to catch as many interesting, funny or beautiful moments as possible. This includes pictures of people, animals and landscape.

The photoblog you are looking at shows the most beautifull pictures I took. I hope you will enjoy raking around in this collection and I would be happy if you leave a comment every now and then.
And of course, the number of pictures will increase constantly! :)

NOTE: Using (change, copy, print) or passing any pictures shown at this page to other people is not allowed without permission by the owner of this photoblog, Christian Raab.

Things to know about the photoblog
This photoblog is based on the open-source application of pixelpost and uses the following templates and addons:
  • Template: Delicious, by JaySoto
  • Addon: AJAX-Rating
  • Addon: Hoverbox 1.3
  • Addon: Captcha
  • In addition I adapted some implementation to fit better to my needs. Feel free to contact me, if you are interested in this template and its included addons.